Proposals and solutions must be legible and should appear on separate sheets, each indicating the name of the sender. Drawings must be suitable for reproduction.
Proposals should be accompanied by solutions. An asterisk (*) indicates that neither the proposer nor the editors have supplied a solution.
The editors encourage undergraduate and pre-college students to submit solutions. Teachers can help by assisting their students in submitting solutions. Student solutions should include the class and school name. Solutions will be evaluated for publication by a com-mittee of professors according to a combination of criteria.Questions concerning proposals and/or solutions can be sent by e-mail to:mathproblems-ks@hotmail.com

MATHCONTEST SECTION  This section of the Journal offers readers an opportunity to solve interesting and elegant mathematical problems mainly appeared in Math Contest around the world and most appropriate for training Math Olympiads. Proposals are always welcomed. The source of the proposals will appear when the solutions be published.